Why Total Merchant Services Agent Program?

One of the keys to making a business successful is your ability to process multiple payments.  Truth is, the days of bring money to a store, while not completely gone, are being replaced by electronic payments.  The concept of the credit card has been with us for a while, but with the advent of the internet this source of money has taken on added importance.  The rise of online shopping means that the credit card is sometimes the only way people have to pay for their goods and services.  With the number of cases of identity theft also increasing, people need a way of knowing that their money and other personal information is going to be safe.  That is where something like the Total Merchant Services Agent Program comes in.  They provide a wide range of services that will bring in more money for your business and do so securely.  They have credit card processing agentsmerchant services agents, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) compliance advice, and reseller programs that will keep your business running smoothly and profitably.  With years of experience helping a wide range of companies, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring you success.

The key service that Total Merchant Services offers is there Agent Program.  It is a comprehensive tool that companies can employ into most aspects of their money making endeavors, particularly when it comes to making money through credit card processing.  They give a number of bonuses that make this program attractive.  For starters, there are levels of $200 or $300 depending on the kind of terminal involved.  If you operate a wireless or Groovv point of sale system, the bonus level is $200 for every approved account.  These are ideal for smaller businesses that tend to move around.  In other words, they are catering to the growing market for non-traditional companies that are making up a large portion of local economies today.  For the common brick and mortar business, they give out bonuses of $300 for every approved account for EMV/NFC terminals or for other kinds of point of sale devices that can be reprogrammed for their services.  With the Total Merchant Services Agent Program, you will see up to twelve times greater net revenue by the third month of sales, after expenses and commissions are paid.

On top of the added revenues you will see with this credit card processing ISO program, they offer residuals to those who enroll and are approved.  There are two options involved here.  If you receive one of the upfront bonuses or go for one of their terminals mentioned above, you can be eligible for ongoing residuals of between 50% and 65%.  The scale slides depending on your monthly output, thus incentivizing you to sell more . . . as if you needed that!  On the other hand, perhaps you feel that their point of sales devices are not for you but are still in their program, you may be able to take part in their residual program that offers 70% on a monthly basis.  Though this might seem like the more attractive offer of the two, it is limited to those who do not use their terminals.  If you do, you can get multiple terminals, and multiple bonuses, for every terminal you enroll in the program.  Either way, you will be getting a return on your investment when you get started with Total Merchant Services.  If you do decide that Total Merchant Services terminals are right for you, you will never have to pay for point of sale equipment again.  They provide the latest equipment that will make your business able to do credit card processing with ease.

Total Merchant Services will handle all your questions and worries over ISO compliance, which is an attractive feature in the growing global economy.  Because they take the time to make sure they are in line with these practices, you can know that their equipment will be translatable across international borders.  They have also partnered with Groovv to provide a lot of high tech, point of sale devices that will match up with what modern customers expect from the places they patronize.  The modern economy, like the modern customer, is a cashless one.  The Groovv system are specifically designed with credit card processing in mind, being able to be attached to cash registers, tablets, and even smart phones.  They also work with businesses whose only location is on the world wide web, meaning they have nor storefront.  With these types of companies, they can process both offline and online credit card payments quickly and securely.  Their merchant services agents will also give you a list of all transactions so that you know to the penny all the money coming in and going out.  Finally, if you need cash, they have an advance program that will allow you to get money out of your sales if approved.

If Total Merchant Services sounds like the kind of program you want to enroll in, they provide an easy to complete two page application that will help you get started and profiting from your business.  Plus, there is no waiting around for approval, as you will get an answer on your application the same day.  Once you get going with their program, their AMPlify backoffice gives a clear accounting of all the benefits you will be receiving.  You will be able to see applications for further accounts, lists of merchants you are dealing with, and view your commissions and much more.  This can all be done online as well instead of tracking it all with somebody over the phone.  The commission reports are key as they will give you a picture of how much money you are making and what you are making it on.  Next, they provide free training to ensure that you are able to navigate their systems and tools with ease.  Finally, their helpful sales team is on hand to assist you if you ever have any questions about your operations.  In other words, Total Merchant Services is total service.

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