What are the most affordable Point of Sale (POS) Systems?

Harbortouch is the most renowned payment processor in USA which is presently dealing with merchant accounts for more than 110, 000 businesses in various locations and handles processes which exceeds $9 billion yearly. As a part of its free equipment program, Harbortouch POS systems will offer you the widest range of merchant services enabling the supply of POS system, cash registers and credit card processing. (Contact a Harbortouch Rep)
  The Harbortouch POS Elite is a unique combination of the most sophisticated software and the state of art hardware which provides you with the best possible POS system in the market which is unparalleled in both usability and reliability.  In addition Harbortouch also has won a number of prestigious awards for its revolutionary products and excellent customer service. For Harbourtouch each merchant is valuable and it caters to their individual needs. We realize that excellence in customer service is just as valuable as revolutionary products and competitive pricing. This is the reason why our customer support is completely handled by us within our house and is reachable at all times of the day, every day of the year. It is absolutely free for all our merchants.
  Moreover with every order of POS we provide onsite training and a professional installation service. Our primary objective is to provide quality service to all our clients. We think of our merchant customers as the life line of our company and we believe that our success is entirely dependent on their success and satisfaction. This attitude is reflected in all the decisions made by our company. As a business house we are committed to provide our valuable clients with the best experience in both groundbreaking technology and sincere personal care on behalf of us.
  For small retailers who operate from one location the oldest POS system which is the cash register might still be the most useful. Point of sale systems small business can make your cash register ring. Small retailers can now perform streamlined operations by taking advantage of the Harbourtouch POS system. Harbourtouch point of sale systems small business will let you manage multiple operations like accepting check cash, debit or credit, track the inventory, access the reports, place the orders and manage your employees with the help of the time clock which is built in the system.
  Thus the groundbreaking retail POS system by Harbortouch will provide you with innumerable money and time saving features which will let you conduct your business efficiently so that you can concentrate on what is more important and leave the rest to us. The complete feature set of the retail POS system by Harbortouch is sure to make the process of running your business establishment smoother and more lucrative. Our vast range of reports will enable you to gain insights of your business operation so that you are thoroughly informed so as to make the most important and strategic decisions. Moreover you can be sure to receive a complete training in POS system by one of our experienced professionals after the onsite installation. In addition you can count on our 24/7 helpline which will assist you with all the technical support you need.
  If you are looking for a basic bundle then with Harbortouch you will be able to find pre configured bundles with the mostly used point of sale hardware. If you have already found a point of sale software but still trying to buy a point of sale hardware and computer then you can be sure to find a solution for all you needs from Harbortouch. Now you can turn your PC into a full-fledged retail management centre by adding a point of sale software to your system. If you are a restaurant owner looking forward to manage your business more efficiently then Harbortouch restaurant pos system will take care of all your needs. Harbortouch hospitality is committed to revolutionize the way you conduct business and with the help of restaurant POS system by Harbortouch you will be able to concentrate on keeping your clients happy and satisfied. It will help you streamline the everyday operations of your restaurant to make it more lucrative.
  A c-store pos system at your convenience store will surely make your business operations run more smoothly and ensure maximum profit turnout. A c-store pos system by Harbortouch will be providing you with the exact tools which you need to make your business grow and prosper. It’s easy to handle touch screen features will significantly reduce the training time of the cashier and at the same time it will ensure fast operations and cashier accuracy. The reminders and set up alarms will be displayed on the exact time at the manager’s and cashier’s workstations so that your business is smoothly conducted and your customers are satisfied. The Ipad pos system and the tablet pos system by harbortouch will let you enjoy the point of sale experience on your apple Ipad or other tablets. The Ipad pos system and the tablet pos system by Harbortouch is a point of sale system which fits in your pocket so that you can even conduct your business on the go. Being compatible with android devices and apple ipad this POS system can revolutionize the way you conduct business.
  Hospitality industry can immensely benefit from the Hospitality pos system developed by Harbortouch. The Hospitality pos system by Harbortouch has revolutionized the hospitality industry especially the fast food sector. It will enable you to create guest checks and print them, process the debit and credit cards, print orders of preparation to your bar and kitchen  and of course run the reports. Big restaurants are known to benefit immensely from the wireless POS system.
  A cigarette store has its own set of requirements and the smoke shop pos system developed by Harbortouch is specially suited to cater to the need of a smoke shop. With the help of Harbortouch smoke shop pos system for your cigarette shop you can now manage your cigarette buy downs that automatically sort, scan and generate purchase orders by the manufacturer, vendor or distributor or by the pack, the case or the carton. If you want a solution for a chain of smoke shop then our POS system will allow you to successfully operate and manage your locations.
 Therefore in order to ensure the success of your business establishment it is imperative that you install Harbortouch POS systems which will allow you to run your operations smoothly and ensure a lucrative return. Its countless features will save you a lot of money and effort by reducing shrinkage, minimizing errors in ordering and by increasing operational efficiency. Its reporting abilities will significantly reduce your book keeping and accounting expenses while it’s most accurate time tracking of employees reduces the payroll and helps you increase your profit. Its robust reporting features will enable you to get a bird eye view of your business. With POS systems by Harbortouch you can now get a vast range of reports which would let you view the sales history, track the inventory, monitor the financials and identify the trend of sales. The highly sophisticated POS software system will provide you with all the functions and features you will need to support your establishment and at the same time its high end POS software system will guarantee your security and reliability.
 The Harbortouch POS systems for hospitality industry would help you with a variety of processes. You can now manage your orders more efficiently since changing tables, altering the price of an item, managing taxes and gratuities are now a matter of simplicity. The tabbedout feature makes mobile payment a secured and simple matter by ensuring maximum convenience for your clients and at the same time increasing the efficiency of your restaurant. With the help of the Tabbedout app customers can view the check on their tab or iphone and make the payments anywhere, anytime.
  So all you need to do to run your business establishment more smoothly is to visit the website of Harbortouch and fill out a simple form and their sales representative would contact you in no time and take care of all your needs. They will ensure an onsite installation by certified and experienced professionals. We will make sure that you can easily operate your POS system by providing you with comprehensive onsite training and an elaborate remote training if required. Any software issues which you might encounter will be resolved within a nick of time by our professional in house support team which operates 24 hours to take care of all your needs. Our support team can log in into your system to instantly fix any software issues which might be bothering you. Creating a merchant’s account with Harbortouch is extremely easy and you could always make use of the free equipment offerings and receive highly competitive rates of processing. So instead of bothering about the time taking aspects of your business you can now focus on more important matters like increasing your profit margin and providing the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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