What's best for Credit Card Processing Sales Agents?

After being in the credit card processing industry as a merchant services ISO for about a decade I have gained the knowledge of what are the best processing companies for credit card processing sales agents to work with. I have decide to give you my top 3 merchant services providers.

1. Total Merchant Services: TMS is a great company and takes great care of their sales agents in many ways. TMS has been around since 1996 and has a BBB rating of A+. They offer very competitive compensation and similar in structure to North American Bancard Agent Program. In the past few years Total Merchant Services has really made a big impact in the credit card processing industry and especially for sales agents. They have developed a marketing platform called Groove that really sets TMS apart from other credit card processing providers. Groove is also a tablet POS System that handles the marketing platform and provides the benefits of a POS systems to merchants. This only being offered by TMS makes it an attractive credit card processing company to work with. I could write a ton of positive info about TMS but you can see for yourself by going to the credit card processing sales agents website buy clicking the link above.

2. Harbortouch (United Bank Card): This is an amazing credit card processing company. Harbortouch formally known as United Bank Card has been around since 1999 and remains one of the top credit card processing companies in the country. Owner Jared Isaacman started this company out of hs basement after working for MSI one of the pioneers in the credit card processing agent world. Harbortouch is now and Inc 500 company and is worth over 400 million dollars. Harbortouch came about a couple of years ago when United Bank Card decided to shift from being just a credit card processing company to being a POS Systems provider. These are high end and state of the art POS Systems (not a simple tablet pos system) and compete with systems like Micros, Aloha and other top POS System providers. Harbortouch is the only FREE option that allows you to place a free POS System of this caliber to merchants. This has been very attractive both to new and existing merchants improving the merchants experience with Harbortouch. On top of this Harbortouch has a very competitive compensation plan and has all the back and features you will need to be successful as an agent with Harbortouch. There is so much I can talk about with Harbortouch but please go to their sales agent website (click the link above) to get all the details and to become a credit card processing sales agent.

3. North American Bancard: NAB is hands down the best place for new credit card processing sales agents. They offer an extensive training program that tends to be better then any other credit card processing company. This is the company that I started with and still work with today. They are a huge company with over 250,000 merchants on their books and were named ISO of the year by the 2014 ETA awards. This is a huge honor and no award is better to receive in the credit card processing industry. NAB has competitive compensation which is really similar to both Total Merchant Services and Harbortouch. You can rest assured that with NAB you will be working with a solid credit card processing company and would highly recommend NAB to any agent, but especially if you are a new credit card processing sales agent.


All of these merchant services ISO programs are great for credit card processing sales agents. I would encourage you to take a close look at all 3 and select the best fit for you. Keep in mind that all 3 offer non-exclusive agent agreements meaning you can work for all 3 and take advantage of the benefits of each of these credit card processors.

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