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Total Merchant Services

"Groovv Offers has been a door opener – I set up a meeting quickly with a bike shop after trying to get in with them for months. When they contacted their current merchant services provider – they could provide them the pricing but nothing to match the Groovv Offers solution." 

Chris Judy, Sales Partner

"We have a whole new avenue to go after new accounts…we’re not walking in the dark anymore – this gives us the edge. Now I’m targeting more retail and restaurants — merchants are bombarded with merchant services vendors but Groovv Offers helps us offer something new, a free bonus to the merchants to grow their sales." 

Leonard Gleason, Sales Partner

"My 1099 reflects another record year of making income. It’s all because of TMS’ remarkable staff and competitive program. I have been with TMS five and a half years. I look forward to another 30 of growing, positive, prosperous years to come. Thank you SO MUCH TMS!" 


"Hi! I just wanted to take a second and share with you what a great job your team does for my office. They are available, prompt, highly knowledgeable, and always in a great mood. In 8 years of doing business with you, I have never been more confident in TMS support than I am right now. Big Kudos" 


"I have been in this business for over 14 years. About seven years ago, I chose to work with Total Merchant Services, and I can honestly say, I get the best support have ever had!"

Tom Griffith

Independent sales office of Total Merchant Services: Total Merchant Services is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA