How to Get Credit Card Processing Leads

Do you want to get more credit card processing leads but don’t know the best ways to get started? You have come to the right page! To generate more leads, there is a simple formula for guaranteed success i.e., spends time and involves greater investment. But investing money can’t generate leads unless you don’t know how to invest it in marketing approaches. Let’s find out together how to get merchant services lead generation.


The problem in Credit Card Processing Service Industry for generating sales

Some problems exist in setting the appointment and prospecting the selling merchant accounts.

  • The credit card processing industry is overcalled, and merchants are swamped with calls for merchant services.
  • Secondly, it is sad but true that most salespersons who call trying to find potential client, do it poorly and waste the time of merchants.
  • Most of the sale scripts and sales pitches that are used in telemarketing are poor and almost similar to each other. They communicate poorly, or benefits options are so little for merchants.
  • Moreover, when the merchant recognizes the sales pitch is trying to ask him to switch to the new payment processing services; he loses interest and starts rejecting the processing agent. Who wants to listen to the same old sales pitch again and again about your merchant services?

Invest in pay-per-click advertising 

Pay per click advertising is a great way to get more Merchant Account Leads, but Google Ads can be expensive. You need at least $200 for converting leads in credit card processing. The other option is Facebook advertising. You can get around 80% leads from PPC advertising. The people who are interested or new in this market will be likely to click on your ads. But keep in mind that PPC advertising is not about throwing text advertisements on Google or Facebook and waiting for more leads. Instead, you should have professional and high-authority websites and properly integrate your PPC advertisement into it.

Begin to build a database  

If you have become a credit card processing agent and try to generate more leads, start building up a database of the small businesses. You can also use software automation that will save you time. You can use CRM software that helps you collect the email addresses from the businesses and send them automated lead generation emails. If someone shows interest in the merchant account, it notifies you so that you can contact them.

Purchase leads. 
This strategy carries the least risk, but it is very expensive. You can buy the appointment scheduled from different companies and pay by the lead. These leads cost you around $50 to $80. You can find a lot of lead generation companies over the web. But normally these sites provide the lower quality leads at a lower cost that have expressed the general selling interest rather than requesting you to contact the merchants. 

Hire a telemarketer:
You can hire a professional telemarketer rather than paying huge bucks to the lead generation companies for leads. Telemarketing usually helps you to get good results. If the telemarketer is targeting the small business in your area, tell him/her you want solid leads. His/her job is to keep the Merchant Services Agents busy by finding potential clients. The telemarketer can also work as your assistance and making the calls after your first meeting.

Share quality content 

As you know, the online presence is essential when you step into the processing industry and merchant services sales jobs. You must have a website or blog and social profile where you share content and insights to grab the attention of your potential clients. Share the quality content that attracts prospects interested in learning more about merchant services sales training and credit card processing. However, you should invest money and time in creating quality content that gets more eyeballs. But you don’t try all the methods to make your online presence better; instead, you can try one that helps you get noticed.

With new digital marketing strategies, you could try the old marketing ways like mail marketing or door to door marketing. But it is recommended that you hire the telemarketer that helps you to get leads. Your telemarketer can also get the email addresses of the potential clients so that you can send them an email to steadily get them interested. Of course, you need to spend money on qualified leads at first, but once you try all these ways for a few months, you will have your own credit card processing lead generation in the coming months.

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