10 Tips for Merchant Services Sales Training

Want to become a merchant services agent but don't know the basics of credit card processing sales training? Well, don't fret; we have an excellent guide dedicated to helping you UP your selling game. Once you know how to start selling merchant accounts (–hyperlink to the article' how to be a successful merchant services rep' that I wrote previously-), you just need to learn how to sell your services to potential merchants, and you will be ready to make a good career out of merchant services sales rep business. Excited? Let's dive right in:
10 Practical Tips for Credit Card Processing Sales Training:
1. Find a Professional Merchant Services Agent Program:
The fundamental and most crucial part of your merchant services sales training is finding a processor that you can have a long-term partnership with. Here are a few things to look for in a potential partner:
·Should provide reliable service to your merchants and should not charge unfair fees ·Should offer different b…

Merchant Services Residual Income | Merchant Services Commission Structure

Are you going through different merchant services sales jobs and thinking if you can make enough money from merchant services career to afford a luxurious life? Well, the answer to this depends on how much work you put in. Since you will be relying on the commission and monthly income you get for each sale, your earnings will directly be dependent on how much you sell.
However, we have created this guide to give you a general idea of how to calculate your earnings and the things to consider when looking at the residual income structures offered by the merchant services agent program. That being said, let's dive right in:
How Much Can I Earn Selling Merchant Processing?
The first question that comes to mind of everyone taking up the merchant services sales jobs is; how much will I earn? And that question is fair because you need to pay the bills and keep your belly full. So to know how much you can expect if you become a credit card processing agent, you need to know about the sou…

Is Selling Credit Card Processing a Good Job?

If you have been keeping tabs on sales jobs and jobs in the merchant services industry, then you have probably heard a lot about how credit card processing sales is a very lucrative, flexible, and appealing option for anyone in the sales industry. However, when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. So, doing your due diligence before you jump into a credit card processing sales job is a great idea that can save you a lot of trouble down the road. If you are wondering whether selling credit card processing is a good job, then you are in the right place. Our thorough analysis and extensive knowledge of this industry establishes us as an authority figure on the topic and we can help you to understand more about why this career is so highly sought after and what you can expect when you go into a credit card processing sales career. Industry Health & GrowthThe first thing that you likely want to know when it comes to working in credit card processing sales is whether the indust…

Best Credit Card Processing Reseller Program

Merchant services come with many lucrative benefits that make it one of the best sales industries, where everyone wants to try their luck. There is no wonder that many of us have realized its potential. But when it comes to merchant reselling services, there are many things that you need to explore before getting started. For instance, you need to know what reselling is, how to become a merchant account reseller, benefits of reselling, and how to choose the merchant services reseller program. North American Bancard Reseller and agent program is the best reseller program for merchant services out there. Do you want to pursue your career in merchant services reselling but know about the information you need for merchant services reselling? Do fret, we have got you covered. Read on to learn all about the credit card processing reseller program and start your journey.

What is the Cash Discount Program?

A Cash Discount program provides a discount to customers who pay with cash instead of u…

How to Sell Cash Discounting Programs

The Selling of the Cash Discount Program is getting the attention of business owners all over the world for good reasons. It is the type of credit card processing in which the merchants give the discount to the customers who choose to pay with cash while implementing the payment processing fee to the customers who pay with credit or debit cards. So after understanding what is cash discount, let‘s find out together How to Sell Cash Discount.

How to sell cash discounting programs

As mentioned above, cash discounting gives discounts to customers who are paying by cash instead of credit cards. Ultimately, cash discounting gives you a higher profit margin. However, this would be a simple explanation, to help you understand clearly, let’s consider a few examples. Traditionally, if you wanted to make a deal with a store that has $10,000 present in volume while it pays $300 in fees, you would have to offer the store something that would attract it. Therefore, there’s one possibility of making…

Best Merchant Services Sales Jobs: Benefits And How To Find The Jobs

Looking for a career opportunity in sales? Want to get a residual monthly income that lets you earn a commission based on your customers’ businesses? Well, then merchant services sales jobs are the perfect sales jobs for you!

The ways payments are accepted and processed are more than just taking some cash and putting it in a drawer or using the terminal to swipe a credit card for a transaction. Tools, techniques, technology, all have come to play an integral role in making these transactions successful. This is where merchant services sales jobs come.

Merchant services careers belong to financial services utilized by different businesses. Working under authorized systems, they enable businesses to accept debit card and credit card transactions via point of sales systems and online ordering. It sure is a competitive industry to work in, but knowing how to find the right job and how you can make the best out of it can take you to places in your sales career. 

What Are You Expected To D…

Best Cash Discount Program for Agents, ISOs, Resellers and Sales Partners

As a merchant services agent, you can offer a variety of solutions to your merchants that would bring you as well as the merchants some amazing benefits. An ISO cash discount program is one of the best examples of this.

Cash discounts have existed for a while. These programs have started receiving attention lately. These programs are developed to help merchants save and provide a discount to customers who choose to use this form of payment. Being an agent who looks forward to building lasting relations with merchants and set up a residual income from various merchant accounts, a cash discount agent program is your best bet. Read on to find out how.
Introducing Cash Discount Program  A cash discount program is for merchants and customers. You must be familiar with the idea of a cash discount. All store owners offer a discount to customers who pay via cash. These store owners are able to avoid the credit card processing fee. The money that is saved is passed on to customers.

A cash dis…