Become a North American Bancard Agent or ISO Today!

You'll receive 100% of commissions and 50-65% of residuals. As a Merchant Services Agent you will share income on every available revenue stream. With NAB, You Get a True Interchange Revenue Split. Unlike other merchant services ISO programs we do NOT charge 3 to 6 basis points off the top with a "Reserve Fee for Hidden Losses" or "BIN Sponsorship Fee." So you will earn more income with our 50/50 partnership, than you would with other processors who claim to offer a higher percentage because our transaction rates start at 0.0 basis points and just 1.5 cents per transaction over interchange and assessments.

Top Reasons to Partner with NAB:

1. Free Equipment
The best FREE TERMINAL program in the industry. At North American Bancard, we offer free terminals that are Apple Pay ready, EMV compliant that allow for tip-adjust.

2. Up to $20,000 Signing Bonus
After you get approved to sell with North American Bancard Agent Program, we will look at your first 4 months of production. As long as you board at least 20 new accounts we will pay you a fast start bonus of $75 to $150 per merchant. $75 per merchant if you board 20–49 deals, $100 per merchant if you board 50-74 merchants and a full $150 per merchant if you board 75 merchants or more!

3. Peak Bonus: 12 x Monthly Profitability
We will pay you your activation / approval bonus upfront. However, we will then look at the profitability of your account after one full calendar month of processing and pay you 12 times NAB’s monthly profitability. Example: If North American Bancard retains $200 in residuals in that month, the peak bonus would be 12 x $200 or $2,400. You would have already been paid $400, so NAB would pay you an additional $2,000 on that account. This bonus is capped at a max of $5,000 per merchant per location. Remember, with our Cash Discount Program called “EDGE” it is easier than ever to earn huge bonuses with a 12x profitability bonus. Cash Discounting enables you to max out your Peak bonus at $5,000 on almost every merchant processing over $42,000 a month.

4. Activation Bonus Paid Daily
Receive a $400.00 bonus for each activated retail merchant even if you give away free equipment and have NAB pay their early termination fee. You will receive either the conversion bonus (up to $1000.00) or activation bonus whichever is greater.

5. Edge Cash Discounting Program
Are you tired of ONLY being able to save your merchants an insignificant amount? With our Cash Discounting program called EDGE available in all 50 states, you can enable your merchants to literally keep the same amount of money for a non-cash payment as they do for a cash payment. This allows merchants to stay revenue neutral no matter how a customer pays. This program greatly increases your profitability on both residuals and the PEAK profitability bonuses. We are talking about SIGNIFICANT benefits for your merchants’ bottom line and HUGE income for you as a credit card processing reseller or ISO of NAB. EXAMPLE: Under the old cost-reduction model, an account processing $50,000 a month might earn our agents a $400 bonus and maybe $80 a month. That same account on our EDGE cash discount program is earning our merchant sales agents about $5,000 in profitability bonus and about $500 a month in residuals. Lead with our Cash Discount program, Edge, and earn more than ever before.

6. Prompt Payment of All Residuals
With NAB, you'll always receive quick, prompt payment of all commissions and residuals. NOW, EVERYDAY IS PAYDAY! WHY WAIT WEEKS TO GET YOUR CASH?

7. Reimburse Early Termination Fee & Win Business
If your prospective merchant is locked into a contract with a competitive processor, we will reimburse 100% of their early termination fee up to $295.

8. Merchant Tracking System
NAB is so committed to keeping our resellers informed that every time a merchant calls NAB, Agents receive an auto res-ponder via e-mail with ticket # describing the merchant’s concern and how it was resolved. This customer care software has proved invaluable in retaining customers.

9. Complete Medical Benefits Plan
The first program of its kind in the industry, because we don't just care about profits we care about your well being. You pick the plan that works for you.

10. Free Website with "Click Here I Agree" Online Application
Get your own mirrored customizable website hosted for free. Our new online merchant application is completely customizable, easy to use and COMPLETELY online. No signatures, no mailing, no faxing applications.

11. Online Agent Portal
Your resource for real-time merchant status, residual reports, download instructions, marketing tools, equipment information, and more...

12. Total Sales Support
You'll have access to your own mirrored website, plus a full range of professionally produced marketing materials, lead generation support and professional training.

13. Additional Sales Promotions
NAB regularly launches additional sales contests and promotions with cash prizes.

14. Excellent Customer Service
NAB provides great customer service, training and technical support. So you can focus on new business while we take great care of your current customers.

15. Professional Imaging
NAB will provide you with a free mirrored website and a free NAB email address that will forward to your email as well as an extension on our 800 number that will ring through your office or cell phone.

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