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Considering a Career in Merchant Services Sales?

Do you want to pursue your career in merchant services sales ? Then, you should read this article before considering a merchant services career. Merchant services is not only to help businesses with payment processing it goes beyond that. You should fully understand how it works. If you are going to work as a merchant services sales representative , you need to partner with a merchant services provider. There is no doubt that the merchant services sales job offers you plenty of advantages, but it is not the same for all. In a merchant service career, you can sell the services to the businesses over the phone and even in person, but you can’t afford any hasty switch. So, you need to learn first what part of the merchant service job is suitable for you. For instance, if you have decided to work in merchant processing sales, you have come to the right page. Here, you will learn how you can earn more, hone your skills, and have more security by choosing the right company for payment pr

North American Bancard Cash Discount Program

For any business owner, the payment processing fee is a big frustration. If you want to remove the impact of credit card payment processing costs on your business, the Edge cash discount program is for you. Here are some perks: Free equipment  No customer receipts No contract commitment No monthly or annual costs  What is the Edge Cash Discount Program?  This merchant cash discount program works wonders for most POS solutions. The program also includes free POS equipment. It includes free edge cash discounting software and free signage that explains the program to your customers. The program eliminates: Statement cost  Contract commitment  Monthly/annual costs  Batch header cost PCI compliance cost This program is a highly convenient way of rewarding your customers for paying with cash. When most of your customers are using the non-cash methods, of making payment, it’s difficult to keep track of the pricing of various credit card companies. Whatever it is, you

Huge Income with EDGE Cash Discount Program | Merchant Services Partner Program

After being in the merchant services business for over a decade I've wasted a ton of time working with the wrong merchant services partner program and getting ripped off by smaller merchant services ISO's that couldn't or wouldn't pay my residual check. I now have the knowledge base to share so other merchant services agents don't have to go through these same growing pains. Now days as a merchant services agent you have access to North American Bancard's agent program. With that said, you will have the power of North American Bancard's leverage in the market place, uncapped commissions, state of that art merchant tracking system,  access to the largest selection of free POS equipment and the latest marketing tools that are unmatched by any other merchant services ISO/MSP in the credit card processing business. I've personally worked with North American Bancard and been in the credit card processing business for a long time and simply