Huge Income with EDGE Cash Discount Program | Merchant Services Partner Program

After being in the merchant services business for over a decade I've wasted a ton of time working with the wrong merchant services partner program and getting ripped off by smaller merchant services ISO's that couldn't or wouldn't pay my residual check. I now have the knowledge base to share so other merchant services agents don't have to go through these same growing pains.

Now days as a merchant services agent you have access to North American Bancard's agent program. With that said, you will have the power of North American Bancard's leverage in the market place, uncapped commissions, state of that art merchant tracking system,  access to the largest selection of free POS equipment and the latest marketing tools that are unmatched by any other merchant services ISO/MSP in the credit card processing business. I've personally worked with North American Bancard and been in the credit card processing business for a long time and simply said they are leaps and bounds above any other merchant services agent program.

Here are just some of the benefits that NAB's agent program offers:

  • Next day funding for merchants
  • Instant approval for merchants 
  • Free equipment  for merchants
  • Up to $5000 per merchant
  • 1.5 cent buy rate
  • EDGE Cash discount program
  • Payments hub back office
  • Residuals paid on the 15th every month
  • Residual buyouts starting at 20x
  • Free marketing materials
  • Website with "click to agree"
  • Excellent customer service
  • Merchant cash advance program
  • ATM reseller program
  • ISO registration program
  • Best POS solutions
  • More.......

If that's not enough incentive to get you to become a credit card processing agent then the merchant services business may not be for you. Sales is not for everybody and especially merchant services sales. You have to be hungry and have the B2B ability that very few sales people have. 

Times have changed and it seems like you need to change your approach to acquiring new merchant accounts. The one way that I have seen success with one larger agent office is the EDGE Cash Discounting Program. This program allows you to offer the merchant either a flat rate or better yet the ability to wipe out ALL merchant services fees by having the customer of the merchant pay the fee. Typically the cost is 4% which gets charged to the merchant's customer if they use a card instead of cash. The Cash Discounting Program software tracks this and prints out a receipt with the line item for both cash and cred card. 

I've come to realize that selling merchant services is an ever changing landscape and will always be something new. You can expect change but typically in the merchant services business this is always a positive thing. With the push of the EDGE Cash Discount Program you are able to earn more income on a residual basis and upfront bonuses (see next paragraph). You are able to do this by not only charging a little more with the flat rate program but you also have a happy merchant because they don't have to look at a merchant statement showing how much they paid in credit card processing cost. They pay $0 to process credit cards at their business and doesn't even get a merchant statement. This is a win-win situation and it's the best way to sell merchant accounts generally speaking.

The EDGE Cash Discount Program will take your payday sky high on residuals as well as your PEAK 14X bonus. This is a HUGE advantage for your merchants’ money and UNBELIEVABLE residual income for you as a sales agent. SAMPLE: The old way, a merchant account doing $50K would earn a sales agent a $400 bonus and around $75 per month. The same account on the EDGE Cash Discount Program will get a merchant services agent around $5K in profit bonuses and at least $400 in residual income. You should lead with EDGE Cash Discount program and earn more money then ever heard of in the merchant services industry.

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