North American Bancard Cash Discount Program

For any business owner, the payment processing fee is a big frustration. If you want to remove the impact of credit card payment processing costs on your business, the Edge cash discount program is for you.

Here are some perks:
  • Free equipment 
  • No customer receipts
  • No contract commitment
  • No monthly or annual costs 
What is the Edge Cash Discount Program? 

This merchant cash discount program works wonders for most POS solutions. The program also includes free POS equipment. It includes free edge cash discounting software and free signage that explains the program to your customers.

The program eliminates:
  • Statement cost 
  • Contract commitment 
  • Monthly/annual costs 
  • Batch header cost
  • PCI compliance cost
This program is a highly convenient way of rewarding your customers for paying with cash. When most of your customers are using the non-cash methods, of making payment, it’s difficult to keep track of the pricing of various credit card companies. Whatever it is, you must price your products in such a way that it offsets the cost. What about the cash-paying customers who are paying the same amount without getting any benefit? Isn’t the current pricing system unfair to them?

If that’s what you feel, Edge has got you covered. It’s the best cash discount program offered by North American Bancard. It lets you be fair to all your customers!

How Does It Work?

Regardless of how long you have been in business, you must agree non-cash payments are very expensive for a business owner. The credit card issuing company charges the business owner a fee to accept their cards. Credit card payments are convenient for the shopper but not for the business. Plus, these card issuing companies give back rewards to the customers like cash rebates for using their services. This incentive encourages users to shop from their credit cards even if they have cash in their wallets. Who doesn’t like to get rewards? These rewards are basically given out of the cost you have paid.

Why not offer a better deal to your recurring customers by encouraging them to pay cash? The best way of doing that is by offering a cash discount. Getting a discount on the bill will encourage them to bring cash next time.

The edge cash discount is perfect for business owners. It lets merchants charge a different pace for cash vs. credit card payments. This way, you can offset the transaction fee by collecting a percentage on each credit card payment. Edge technology makes everything so easy.

What Does the Merchant get? 

The Merchant receives 100% of the transaction payment. The customer, on the other hand, pays up to 4% . If you don’t use any cash discount program, you as a merchant has to pay up to 4%.

With Edge, you can offset the cost to various credit card companies. You hence readily accept credit card payments without losing your revenue.

How To Know If Edge Merchant Cash Discount Program For You?

Not sure if this cash discount processing program is right for you/ here are some questions you should ask yourself:
  • Do most of your customers use a credit card for making payments? 
  • Is your profit margin suffering because of the payment processing cost? 
  • Do you want a simple solution for improving your revenue? 
  • Do you wish you are fair to all customers when it comes to pricing? 
  • Do you protect yourself from the rising cost of accepting credit card payments? 
If this sounds like you and your answer to all these questions is yes, the Edge merchant processing program is for you.

What More Do Get With the Edge Program?

Edge cash discount program not just makes the life of merchant easy but offer perks such as free equipment and software.

When the customer checks out at the POS, the Edge program knows how to readjust the transaction and offset the cost. This type of adjustment is known as cash discount adjustment. This means the customer offers the same kind of profit margin whether you are paying cash or making payment through credit card. What can get easier than this?

As a merchant, you price all the merchandise assuming you are receiving cash payments. In case you were charging your customers a higher price that you want to charge, because they are making payment through plastic, feel free to offer cash discount pricing on. This will attract more customers to your store without paying an extra fee.

Say Goodbye to Lost Profit Margins

If you have been losing profit margin because of the hefty credit card payment processing fee, the Edge cash discount program is here to save you. Businesses that are already using the Edge program are thriving. They have been able to restore their profit margins and avoid the unjust price they have been paying to the credit card companies.

Many customers have started to acknowledge how costly it is for their merchants to accept credit cards. If at any point you wish to revert to the traditional processing, you can always go back. You are not bound. However, rarely has this happened because merchants can charge a fair price to their customers whether they are using cash to make payments or not. Wouldn’t it be a great relief that you won’t have to worry about pricing your merchandise?

Businesses don’t just get to charge fairly to their customers but don’t have to worry about losing their margins since they no longer have to pay credit card processing cost.


Edge discount program is saviors for not just business owners but customers. It will encourage your customers to use cash for making payments and enjoy the discount. As a merchant, you will be charging the same price to all customers for merchandise. Plus, the software will do everything on your behalf. It will calculate the price and charge each customer differently based on what payment method they use.

If you want an easy to use solution and preserve your profit margin, the Edge cash discount program is for you.


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