What Are The Best Credit Card Processing ISO Programs?

 If you are looking for a career as a merchant services agent, you have come to the right place with Shaw Merchant Group's agent program. Shaw Merchant Group is an all-in-one payment processing company that provides industries in a wide variety of categories with many different payment processing options, such as wireless, mail, online, and retail. Shaw Merchant Group takes pride in keeping its customers profitable and happy. It also takes pride in providing its merchant services agents the opportunity to be financially independent and secure while doing work that is respectable and fulfilling.

 Being in the Merchant Services Agent Program is not only rewarding financially but also rewarding emotionally. This career is all about building relationships that are successful and working towards the well being of all concerned. The more relationships you can build with merchants, the more rewarding it will be for you, in more ways than one. As a merchant services agent, the responsibility of selling the services to the merchant is yours, but you have the full backing of Shaw Merchant Group in terms of support for your sales and service for your merchant. Whether it is a personal ISO support representative or the regional sales manager himself, you will get all the assistance and the mentoring you need to get your sales figures growing beyond even your wildest dreams!

 Signing up as a Shaw Merchant Group merchant services agent gives you a competitive edge over other merchant services companies. You have the advantage of working with a well-known name in the field of merchant services, one that is respected and trusted in many different industries all over the United States. On top of that, you can offer your merchant contacts the benefit of getting world-class equipment, software, and services at no cost at all! Yes, your merchant does not have to pay for leasing and they won't have a binding contractual agreement to be signed.

 The merchants that you approach will also have the advantage of being reimbursed 100%, to a maximum of $295, if they are already in a contract with a competitor. The combination of free equipment, reimbursement of termination fee of competitor’s product, and the brand value of Shaw Merchant Group means that, as an merchant services agent, you have the upper hand the merchant services business, making it even easier for you to get merchants to sign up for the payment processing services offered.

 As a merchant services agent of Shaw Merchant Group, you also get to share in the revenue that is far higher than industry standards. You get 100% of all commissions and the residual percentage is 50% to 65%. No matter what the type of revenue stream, you will get to enjoy the benefits of sharing it. On top of this, you also get a bonus of up to $20,000 (Updated Jan. 1st 2020) based on how many merchants you have successfully signed into your portfolio in the first 90 days.

 Working as an merchant services agent with Shaw Merchant Group's merchant services agent program also means that you get consistent and regular payments that are sure to keep you and your family financially secure. Apart from your monthly merchant account residuals, you also get to keep 14X of the monthly merchant processing volumes of conversion deals of each merchant that you sign up. This is a minimum bonus of $400 upfront and up to $5000 based on how much sales volume the merchant processes in their first 3 months (This is called a TRUE UP BONUS). With the monthly sales contests that have prizes you can aim to earn even higher!

 Since the all commission payments by Shaw Merchant Group is always prompt and always on time, you don’t have to wait for weeks to get your paycheck. With these kind of bonuses and payments happening, you can be sure of getting regular amounts of money on a consistent basis daily. Now Shaw Merchant Group is also providing a medical benefits plan, which is based entirely on the plan of your choice, with 50% of the plan being reimbursed by Shaw Merchant Group.

 Shaw Merchant Group's merchant services agent program is committed to helping you work even more efficiently with the help of its PaymentsHub back office tools. With these agent ISO programs, you can not only get the contact information and lists of businesses to approach, you also get an email auto res-ponder detailing any concerns the merchant has and how it was resolved, which helps you to provide a much higher level of service to your customers. There are also programs for professional merchant sales training in many different areas of interest, such as how to generate leads, as well as marketing materials that are professionally designed and produced. Once you have generated the leads and converted them into customers, you can leave the customer service to Shaw Merchant Group. This leaves you more time to focus on your business, building new relationships, and enhancing existing ones that ensure they remain as loyal customers.

 Also, the Sales Partner Portal is a handy resource for all information regarding marketing tools, equipment specifications, residual reports, merchant status, approval information and status regarding leases, etc. You will also have your own mirrored website, which helps to reach out to more customers and helps build a professional image for you. This mirrored website makes it very easy for you to manage your merchant customer applications as all they need to do is click and agree. There is no need for back and forth mailing of signatures or faxing of applications. All this leads to a smoother and faster application and approval process. Along with the website, you also get an email address and an 800-number extension, which further solidifies your professional status.

 You can be sure of having excellent referrals from your existing merchant customers, which will lead to even greater opportunities to sign up new merchants. This is the start of an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling partnership with Shaw Merchant Group as a premier merchant services partner!

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