How to Sell Merchant Cash Advance | Merchant Cash Advance Agent ISO Program

Anyone who is interested in becoming a merchant services agent and need help choosing a sector, the best option is selling merchant cash advance. It gives you access to fast cash, which you can hold onto in a situation of emergency.

Introduction Merchant Cash Advance 

Before you become a merchant cash advance agent, you must know what this service means. Let’s have a brief introduction.

This concept has existed for a few years only but it has received wide acceptance. Merchant cash advance uses a card terminal to secure business funding. This is perfect for a business that doesn’t have many assets but a large volume of card transactions per month. The repayments are taken as a portion of your revenue. This makes it a quick and easy solution for funding for many small business enterprises.

In merchant cash advances, repayments are made as a percent of the revenue. This means the revenue could go up or down depending on the income of the business. This is a good arrangement for companies. This is not like fixed payment finance. You will always have a reassurance that you will be made to payments even if you have hit a bump in the road. This is exactly why small businesses prefer merchant cash advance.

Here’s a brief example of how SBEs benefit from cash advance services. a small restaurant during boom season breaks down its fridge and needs money to get it replaced as quickly as possible. It doesn’t have extra funds to meet their need. This restaurant will reach out to an agent selling merchant cash advance loans. The cash advance will be set based on the sales of the previous month. You will advance them funds right away so that they can purchase the fridge. The restaurant owner will make repayment as a percentage of revenue over a period. This way, the small business will be able to make payments and you as a merchant will get repayments against the cash advance.

Best Practices for Merchant Cash Advance Services 

To be successful in the merchant cash advance business, you must know the right way to sell them. Looking for some best practices? Then, this guide will serve you well. Let’s have a look:

Find Your Audience 

The first thing, to begin with, is looking for an audience. Look for businesses that need cash advance services. If you become a merchant services agent, use your network of merchants to give your cash advance sales pitch. You may also offer help to merchants who are in tight financial situations.

It doesn’t matter how you find your clients. What matters is having at least a few to start selling with.

Spread the Word 

Keep in mind you are not the only merchant cash advance agent out there. You have to make yourself known and let everyone know why to choose you instead of others. The only way to attract poetical clients is to establish a reputation as a trusted merchant services provider.

This can be done by listening to the needs of your existing merchants. The process might look a bit different for new merchants. You will have to reach out to them through networking and advertising your merchant cash advance services. Tell them about your alternative business loan for operations and emergency funding.

Connect With Other Merchants 

One great way of adding a line of revenue with cash advance services is to connect with merchants. Discuss how you are doing the business, what are their needs and how can you help them in meeting those needs.

Establish a positive relationship with fellow merchants because you would be able to offer them a range of services. They could be your primary source of bringing business. These merchants will reach out to you in case you have a solution to their needs. This will establish a consistent line of revenue for you.

Show Empathy 

The business that requires cash is often in a delicate situation. The economic crisis, unexpected expense, cash low troubles, and similar other problems can affect their ability to carry out daily operations. With your merchant cash advance ISO services, they can fix their problem.

In these troubling times, be someone they can rely on. Fulfill their business funding needs and generate merchant account leads. If you can offer them a suite of products that solve their problem, go ahead, be a source of comfort for them. However, don’t get too personal. An ideal transaction is the one where both parties get what they want.

Build Trust by Signing Successful Deals 

Sometimes, the only way to build trust is by doing business, because let’s be real, everyone offers words of affirmation. Successful deals help you earn a reputation in the business community. 

However, it’s not easy for a merchant. First, you must establish the reputation of delivering solutions your merchants actually need. Your community must know you as an agent who has the solution for all merchant needs. Once that is set, merchants will come to you on your own. Live up to that reputation by meeting their cash advance needs.

Another way of cultivating a great reputation in merchant cash advance sales is to offer exceptional support services. Be friendly in your communication. Businesses who require cash advance want to deal with an agent who is empathetic, effective, and fast. Nobody would like to work with an unfriendly and slow merchant, right? Imagine a business in dire need of cash coming to you because they have heard you list to merchant problems.

All these qualities combined will help you earn the trust of merchants in your business community in the early stages of your business. And once they start doing business with you, make sure you serve them in the best possible way. They might recommend your services to their follows.


When selling merchant cash advance, you want to be sure you are helping a business recover, not just making revenue for yourself. If you can build a positive reputation and show merchants that you actually care for them, they will choose you over others whenever they need a cash advance.

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