Considering a Career in Merchant Services Sales?

Do you want to pursue your career in merchant services sales? Then, you should read this article before considering a merchant services career. Merchant services is not only to help businesses with payment processing it goes beyond that. You should fully understand how it works. If you are going to work as a merchant services sales representative, you need to partner with a merchant services provider. There is no doubt that the merchant services sales job offers you plenty of advantages, but it is not the same for all. In a merchant service career, you can sell the services to the businesses over the phone and even in person, but you can’t afford any hasty switch. So, you need to learn first what part of the merchant service job is suitable for you. For instance, if you have decided to work in merchant processing sales, you have come to the right page. Here, you will learn how you can earn more, hone your skills, and have more security by choosing the right company for payment processing.

Scarlett and John are working on merchant services. Career: Scarlett vs. John 

Here we take the examples of two merchant services sales representatives i.e., Scarlett and John.


Scarlett is doing a credit card processing job and sells the payment processing services with a merchant service provider like US bank or payment Depot. She lives in Orlando and selling merchant accounts from Tampa, FL to Naples, FL. At US bank. But she is not earning huge bucks, but she can earn more if she understands how the credit card processing industry works. It is the payment processing paid using a credit card, and Scarlett is the intermediary between the bank and businesses due to the way the payment process works. She feels that her career growth has stopped and she is trapped.


On the other hand, John lives in Los Angeles, CA, and sells merchant services from San Diego, CA to San Jose, CA. He sells the credit card processing services with North America Bancard Agent Program. He is making more money by selling these services, and he is confident that he will expand his income with this job. So what makes the difference between the two situations as both are working hard to achieve their career goals, but the results are not the same? It all about the company John and Scarlett work for. Let’s find together what the difference is between North American Bancard Agent Program and other merchant services companies.

Daily life in a merchant services career 


Scarlett needs to meet the sales quota every month, and she works more than 8 hours every day for a very little salary. She visits a lot of businesses to sell merchant services and tries to help them find the best payment solutions. She often offers lower rates to meet the monthly sales quota. Moreover, she also offers them additional perks such as data security, but most of the businesses often don’t accept this offer and see it as a try to get the deal.

When Scarlett manages to make a sale, a lengthy process of business’s switching is waiting for her. Due to the extensive paperwork process, most of the businesses don’t want to sign such a contract that longer than 3 years. The merchant industry is very strict when the merchant rep doesn’t manage to get the share of the monthly residuals. But the best thing is that the best merchant companies have a good residual sharing plan. All these factors make her feel that she is not pursuing a merchant sales career rather; she is doing a temporary job at the end of the day.


On the other hand, John doesn’t start his morning with the tension about how he meets the monthly sales quota. Rather, he starts his day with a relax mind and go to work. The other day if he doesn’t want to go to the office, he sleeps more, stays at home, and calls the business owners. As he works with North America Bancard, he has set up referral partnerships rather than focusing on meeting the minimum monthly sales quota. As North America Bancard offers the unique credit card processing sales services that eliminate the payment processing fee (North American Bancard Cash Discount Program), so businesses are always interested in talking with him. Moreover, John does not have to go through the lengthy paperwork process, so he makes more sales. Because North America Bancard makes the enrollment process simple and does a month to month contracts which attracts more merchants. So at the end of the day, he feels that he is doing his dream sales job, and soon his hard work will be paying off.

Earning money 


Scarlett wants to earn more, but she manages to earn only $900 at the end of the month. She works hard, but she won’t even pay the bills with this amount. When she does land a sale, her restrictive contract with her company doesn’t let her make more money off of it. As 90% of the profitability of her account, she is earning less than John.


John is making huge bucks, and he is excited to know what’s in the store in the future. At North America Bancard, he can eliminate credit card payment processing fees of his client and help him to make more sales. So he earns around $10k per month-means he doesn’t need to rely on a personal loan to pay the bills. His company gives him a good share of the profits that gives him good residual income.

Your life in a merchant services career 

If you are thinking of pursuing a merchant services career or you are already a merchant services sales rep, do you relate to Scarlett or John? If you are experiencing the same thing, then it is the right time to switch on other payment process companies. If you are new and hunting for a credit card processing job, you will definitely want a job like John. All you need to choose is the company gives you a lot of opportunities and cares about your ultimate career goals. At North American Bancard, we offer plenty of benefits to our sales representative. But the other merchant services companies don’t offer the same thing to their sales people. They usually find people who don’t know better. As you know, NAB gives you the power to sell the merchant services to business owners, then why not pick the company that gives you benefits and believes in you. You know your worth and your goals, so it’s time to choose the credit card processing career that cares about you and pays you more.

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