Merchant Services Partner Program: Credit Card Processing Partnerships

Do you want to become a merchant services agent but don’t know which program to join? Well, then we can help you find one. We understand that you will have various questions in your mind, like do I really need to work with the best merchant services partner program? Or, what are the benefits that a good merchant services partnerships program can offer?

We will answer all of these queries and will also suggest the leading merchant services reseller program so you can kick start your career and make a decent income. With that said, let’s get started:

Is It Really Necessary to Work with the Best Merchant Sales Partner Program?

Yes, it is extremely crucial that you have the top merchant services reseller program working with you. There are many logical arguments that we can make here but to keep things short, we will only make three arguments, let’s see them below:

·        Merchant Satisfaction: You do not want to work with credit card processing agent programs with bad reviews from merchants. Because if their existing merchants are not satisfied, you won’t really be able to make a good amount of sales. And since you will be completely dependent upon the income coming from the number of merchants you sign up, working with a company having high merchant satisfaction is crucial.

·        Agent Convenience: Besides the merchants, the agent (you) need to get a high level of convenience and flexibility from the merchant services reseller program. If a processor has rigid policies like minimum monthly sales cap for earning money from existing residuals, poor customer support, or very meager bonuses, then you won’t really be able to earn a good living.

·        Proper Regulation: This is another very important factor to know. There will be many so-called merchant services partner programs that will claim to be connected with proper regulatory banks, but in reality, they really won’t. This will reflect when you set up a merchant’s account, and their customers return because of a limited number of regulators accepting transactions.

Now you know why it is absolutely crucial that you have merchant services partnerships with the top of the line processors so that both you and your merchants have a satisfactory experience.  

So Which Program is the Cream of the Crop in the Industry?

When it comes to working with a top-class merchant services reseller program, your best bet is to work with the North American Bancard Agent Program. Not only are they one of the big guys in the industry, but their policies are specifically made to benefit both the merchants and their agents. NAB has been crushing it as a credit card processing agent program for nearly three decades now.

They have been working with both big and small merchants across the United States, and many prefer to work with them because of their unique cash discounting program (more on this later). Plus, they are backed by well-reputed regulators like the Bancorp Bank, BMO Harris, and Wells Fargo bank, so you know there won’t be problems with card processing later on.

There are tons of benefits of working with them, ranging from excellent income opportunities in both residuals and bonuses to top-notch customer support. Let’s see some of the unique selling points of the North American Bancard ISO Program.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the North American Bancard Agent Program?

·        Lifetime Residual Income: When you become a merchant services agent of NAB, you will be getting up to 70% of the residual income depending on the structure you go with. And on top of all, you will be earning from the merchants you sign up for as long as they are doing business or working with NAB. This is HUGE because after reaching a certain number of merchants, you will be least bothered by paying monthly bills and will be able to focus on scaling your business. Plus, the merchants you bring will be yours even if you make low sales in any month; there are no minimum sales requirements.

·        Unmatched Bonuses: Bonuses are what the layer of cheese is for pizza; they double the fun! When you are working with Nab, you will receive performance-based bonuses, and their sign up bonus can go up to $20,000. So the more sales you bring, the more you earn besides your promised residual income. Furthermore, they also have a 14x profitability bonus, which means the income for your first month after signing up will be multiplied by 14, and that will be your first month’s performance bonus.

·        Excellent Customer Support: North American Bancard Agent Program offers top-notch customer support, plus they also have marketing teams that will assist you in closing a specific sale if you need some help. They think of their agents as their assets, and that is what makes them great. So unlike other programs where the agents face issues like not being able to reach the customer support if the merchant is having a technical issue, NAB won’t abandon you in these sensitive times.

·        Various Freebies to Hook the Merchants: The most important part of getting a merchant to sign up is the initial pitch you make. If you cannot offer them true value, then you won’t be able to close the sale. So to make your pitch a juicy one, NAB offers free POS equipment to the merchants that sign up with them. This is pretty sweet as the terminal can cost a lot, and knowing that they’ll get it for free will certainly turn their ears towards you. Then there are also things like free signage that can be put outside the shop or near the counter that tell people about the availability credit card processing facility.

·        Cutting Edge Technology: North American Bancard agent program only uses the most advanced solutions to help its agents rise above the competition. They have solutions for virtually all kinds of processing ranging from credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, reward cards, gift cards to mobile payments, and more. Furthermore, their equipment like POS terminals are equipped with advanced software that offers excellent UX and UI, allowing the merchant to process payments with an easy.

·        Cash Discounting Program: This is the most appealing offer that you can make to a merchant. Cash discounting means that the merchant won’t have to pay any credit card processing fee. The POS terminal will be programmed in a way that the fee will automatically be charged from the customer instead of the merchant. The free signage provided by NAB will let the customers know about this fee, so there will be no surprises at the end. This will save hundreds of dollars in fees that every merchant will prefer.

·        Miscellaneous Benefits: There are many more benefits like a free landing page for merchant services lead generation, which otherwise would cost you hundreds of dollars to make. There are also ample learning resources offered by the NAB, allowing you to stay on top of your sales game. Plus, you will have access to an advanced ISO sales partner portal where you can track your sales, residuals, and even see things like the transactions made by your merchants. Lastly, they offer mobile payment terminals as well, so if a customer wants to pay via mobile phone that can be facilitated too.

Why Work With Merchant Sales Partnerships When I Can Open My Own Company?

This is a valid question, and everyone has the right to think of ways to increase their profits. However, do you have a huge chunk of money to pay to the banks you will be working with directly? The credit card processing agent programs like NAB are directly connected with banks that process the transactions. And to keep working with these banks, they pay a hefty sum of money to them per year, which can be $10k or more.

Now since you are just taking your first step, you might not have this much money lying around. And then there is the issue of having a robust infrastructure with a customer support team to help out your merchants.

Plus, you will also need to get your own POS terminals and other technologies to better facilitate the merchants. All of these things will require tons of money, which is why it is better if you work under the shadow of behemoths like NAB and just focus on increasing your income.

Over to You:

There are several merchant processing service providers in the industry and some offer great programs too. But the combination of ample technological resources, leaning material and excellent income opportunities that NAB offers are hardly provided by other merchant services partnerships.

Therefore, we suggest that you start learning more about the North American Bancard agent program and when you are fully satisfied with their policies, join their network and start printing money.

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